Harsreiniger 5 Liter

Verwijdert harsresten van je SLA 3D-geprinte onderdelen
  • Clean 3D prints from left over resin
  • Works with many types of resins
  • Also for cleaning of 3D printer parts, like the vat
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Original Resin Cleaner by Photocentric, to clean your SLA 3D prints. Can be used with a lot of resins to remove the left over resin after your print is finished, but can also be used to clean parts of your printer, like the vat or platform. Using the resin cleaner, you no longer have to worry about resin residue before curing, this makes cleaning easy and efficient. This product is a bottle of one liter Resin cleaner.

Cannot be used with Flexible resins by Photocentric


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€ 139,95  incl BTW
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