Precesion Model Resin LCD
Rood / 500 g

De perfecte keus voor gedetailleerd en precies resin 3D-printen
  • Short curing period
  • High detailed prints
  • Precision printing
  • Great heat resistance
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€ 39,49  incl BTW Op voorraad
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Discover extremely detailed 3D printing with the precision model LCD resin by eSun. eSun has developed a resin that produces 3D parts with a superior level of accuracy. The precision model LCD resin is printable with LCD resin 3D printers.

eSun’s precision model LDC resin is a high-performance resin for makers and professionals who would like to achieve clear outlines and create replicated parts. This is ideal for printing very realistic prototypes and can be found being used by artists as well as dentists in the medical industry. The high hardness and low shrinkage of the precision model LCD resin means that the object can be easily post-processed and sanded or chiseled without any material snapping off.

For the precision model LCD resin printed objects to have the appropriate hardness and other properties, the parts must be cured in a curing chamber. For maximum longevity, store your resin in a cool and dark environment.


GTIN 6922572278851
Net. Gewicht 500 g
Hars eigenschappen
Specialteit Precesion Model Resin
Kleur Rood
Type LCD
Stijfheid 85D
UV Wavelength 405 nm
€ 39,49  incl BTW Op voorraad
Slechts 6 beschikbaar, bestel nu!
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