J Head Compatibele Hot End Set 3MM / 0.5MM

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Complete J Head hot end
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J Head Compatible Hotend

Product description

Complete J Head hot end

In deze set zitten alle componenten om een J Head hot end te maken.

Kit bevat

This is a kit of the following items.
Quantity Stock Product
1x J Head Compatibel Nozzle 0.5mm (3mm filament)
1x J Head Compatible Spuitmond Houder (1.75 en 3mm filament)
1x J Head Holle Sleuf Schroef
1x Thermistor 100K pre-gekrompend wire (1m)
1x Keramisch Verwarmingselement 12V/40W (160cm)
1x PTFE buis, 3.18binnenste/6buitenste diameter (10cm)
1 - 99: excl € 19,99 
100 - ...: excl € 18,99 
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