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Copperhead Standard Heat Break

This is a low-cost, open-source hotend option that can handle the heat.
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Replace your factory model hotend with the Copperhead™, to upgrade your 3D printer’s performance and reduce jamming, giving you a smooth print every time.

Advanced Materials Technology

Unlike most materials, plastics don’t have a clean transition from solid to liquid during melting. As filament moves through the hotend, it heats up and reaches the material’s glass transition temperature (Tg), entering a semi-solid, semi-liquid, “gooey” state. While in this state, the plastic responds to applied forces like a wet noodle, causing undesirable print effects like reduction in resolution, blobbing and jamming. An efficient heat break narrows the physical distance during which the plastic is at it’s Tg, and thus improves 3D printer performance. The Bimetallic Heat Break™ from Slice Engineering® is the only heat break designed through the use of thermal imaging to optimize heat transfer.

This Bimetallic Copperhead™ Heat Break is made with:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper alloy

This Heat Break is compatible with:

  • Raise3D Pro2

  • Heat break for hot-end
  • Bimetallic


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