Gietbare Resin voor Sieraden LCD
Grijs / 1000 g

Flexibele resin met unieke eigenschappen voor het gieten van juwelen
  • Low shrinkage
  • Detailed prints
  • Smooth surface
  • Great flexibility
  • Low printing odor
Voorraad - NL: 5
€ 149,99  incl BTW Op voorraad
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Create trinkets and accessories with the premium castable resin for jewelry by eSun. This resin is compatible with most LCD and DLP resin 3D printers. Forge durable beautiful artworks in a series of designs with our specialized resin for jewelry.

Experience eSun’s castable resin for jewelry, ideal for makers who have a passion for creating accessories and pieces to be worn or kept on display. The resin has great flexibility which is ideal for items that are intended to be attired and manipulated.


gtin 6922572267954
Net. Gewicht 1000 g
Hars eigenschappen
Specialteit Gietbare Resin voor Sieraden
Kleur Grijs
Type LCD
Stijfheid 60D
UV Wavelength 395-405 nm
€ 149,99  incl BTW Op voorraad
Slechts 5 beschikbaar, bestel nu!

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