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Aluminum extrusion 20x20mm ( 100 cm )

Voorraad: >500
€ 9,50  incl BTW Op voorraad
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The aluminum extrusions are easiest way to build a solid frame. This 20x20 mm bar is cut to your specified length.

You can use the frame components, like corner connectors, connector plates, in their respective category to connect multiple extrusion bars together to build a frame.Using M5 or M3 t-slots its easy to assemble the different pieces together. This material is easily cut yourself, making it a versatile product to use.

If you order this product, you will get one piece of 100 cm, mostly packed in a separate package due to the size.


€ 9,50  incl BTW Op voorraad
Zelfde werkdag verzonden!


1 - 4: excl € 7,85 incl € 9,50
5 - 9: excl € 7,46 incl € 9,02
10 - : excl € 7,07 incl € 8,55
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