REAL Filament

ABS filament Neutral 2.85 mm / 1 kg Real

  • High-quality filament produced in the Netherlands
  • Very high impact-resistance
  • Harder to print, less suitable for beginners
  • Requires heated bed
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ABS filament Neutral 2.85 mm 1000 g for 3D printers is of superior quality, produced in The Netherlands. Real filaments guarantees that the ABS is high-quality and diameter consistent filament, giving you the best 3D printing experience. Generally you need a heated bed to print with ABS and a heated chamber is preferred. In the Real filament ABS line, there are also ABS plus and Pro available, which make it easier to print. The ABS is a pure base material, optimized for 3D printing, giving the best performance possible.

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) filament has been in use for 3D printing for a long time. It used to be the most popular 3D print material, but due to the properties of ABS including high shrinkage it's hard to work with. Compared to other materials ABS still has some advantages including that its gasoline resistant, non-translucent and a soft bendable thermoplastic. Also compared to PLA it has a much higher glass transition point. ABS is an oil based product, making it less environmentally friendly than PLA is, and while printing it tends to give a bad chemical smell, so you probably want to use this in well ventilated conditions.

This filament will require more effort to print well. If you are using ABS to print small strong parts, you may get away with just using 3DLAC on a 65-80 degrees heated bed. Kapton tape is another product where ABS will print on, but it will require a higher temperatures around 110 degrees. For extruding the filament we recommend a temperature of 245 degrees, although it may extrude as low as 220 degrees, the layer bonding won't be as strong. For larger prints you should look into PETG filament first, without a heated chamber you will not be able to print this material without warping and cracking.

The Real ABS comes in many different colors directly from stock.Check also the ABS plus and Pro lines for more optimized printing results. For larger quantities and custom batches, feel free to contact our sales department.


Maatvoering spoel
Buitenste diameter 200 mm
Binnenste diameter 50 mm
Breedte 70 mm
Gewicht spoel 300 g
Gewicht filament 1000 g
Lengte filament 150 m

The base material used in the filament. For more information on the different materials, please check the Filament information page

Variant ABS
Temperatuur - extruder 230 - 250 °C
Temperatuur - verwarmd bed 60 - 70 °C
Verwamd bed temp. - Kapton 90 - 110 °C
Kleur Naturel
Diameter 2.85 mm


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€ 24,99  incl BTW Op voorraad
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