E3D v6 - HotEnd Alleen Metalen Onderdelen - 3.00mm Direct

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Metalen onderdelen voor direct 3MM
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Metal parts

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Metalen onderdelen voor direct 3MM


  • HeatBreak
  • HeatSink (With embedded bowden coupler included and fitted)
  • HeaterBlock
  • 0.4mm Nozzle
  • Fixings bag with all screws and washers needed for assembly.

This kit is intended for those with some experience who may already have many parts included in the full kit to hand already. This kit requires extra parts such as electronics, wiring, etc to complete its functionality. 

If you are at all unsure as to whether you should order this or the full kit you should purchase the full kit as it contains all the parts required to create a functioning hotend.

Kit bevat

This is a kit of the following items.
Quantity Stock Product
1x E3D v6 - Brass Nozzle - 0.15 mm / 1.75 mm
1x E3D v6 - Heatsink for direct drive ( 3 mm )
1x E3D v6 - Hitteblok - Reserve onderdelen
1x E3D v6 - Hittestop - 3mm

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