Creality 3D - CR-10S pro

Creality's upgrade to the popular CR-10S 3D Printer. Comes with full color LCD, heated bed and SD-card. Requires only a few minutes of basic assembly. No hardware experience required!

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Creality 3D - CR-10S pro


Creality's upgrade to the popular CR-10S 3D Printer. Comes with full color LCD, heated bed and SD-card. Requires only a few minutes of basic assembly. No hardware experience required!

The CR-10S Pro is packed with new features, including a fully improved and integrated filament runout detection system (so you never lose a print when your filament runs out), a dual-sided set of hobbed drive gears for extra filament grip, and upgraded hotend and more powerful radial fan for improved print cooling. This fan might be the loudest sound you hear, since the stepper drivers have been upgraded to the quiet TMC2208s using 256 microstep interpolation.

The design is clean, professional and portable given that the wiring, power supply and hi-res LCD panel are now integrated into the black brushed aluminum base enclosure. A high-accuracy capacitive sensor is installed within the toolhead compartment to assist with the manual bedplate leveling process and allows for 16 point mesh compensation (linearly interpolated). The heater bed now has a strong adhesive PEI-type surface for extra stick. Taken altogether: no more print warping or detachment!

 The CR-10S Pro kit is professionally packaged and contains only two logical sections (the horizontal and vertical frame) that can be assembled in minutes using only a few screws; the tools are included, and hardware experience is not required. Most of the frame is made from black aluminum V-slot extrusions and in combination with the bowden system for the extruder, results in an efficient, sturdy frame with 0.1mm Z-axis print precision. The dual sided lead screws on the Z-axis ensure good layer stacking and thus high quality prints.

For new 3D printing enthusiasts: 3D printers runs off of so-called "gcode" files, which are generated from free software slicers such as Slic3r or Cura. Most modern printers (including Crealitys) can run their gcode prints either via an integrated SD or mini-USB slot for stand-alone printing, or from a seperate PC or laptop via the USB slot. In case of power failure, Creality's printers have a "recovery" mode that allows for resuming the print from the LCD interface once power is restored, an essential sanity-saving feature to avoid the frustration of wasted time and filament.

A small "starter" spool of filament is included in the kit, but it won't last long! We recommend including in your purchase a larger spool of Real filament and a multi-color PLA sample pack to assist you in your upcoming exploration of all the colorful things you can print with your new Creality!

The kit includes the following items:

  • Power cable
  • USB cable
  • Spare pneufit coupling
  • Spatula
  • Filament cutter
  • USB-stick with SD card
  • Sample PLA for testing
  • Assembly tools



Bed breedte 30 cm
Bed diepte 30 cm
Bouwhoogte 40 cm

Extruder eigenschappen

Aantal extruders 1
Diameter spuitmond 0.4
Filament typen PLA, PETG
Filament diameter 1.75 mm


Breedte 60 cm
Hoogte 59 cm
Diepte 61 cm


Stappenmotordriver 4
Scherm type 128x64 Grafisch
Besturingsknoppen 1

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