Electronics for 3D printing and CNC machines

This section contains all products related to electronics for RepRap 3D printers. As this is quite an extensive section with different alternative solutions, you may need help to find the correct electronics. Depending on your 3D printer you may need electronics with higher specifications than the 'normal' RepRap electronics. The rest of this text will try to help you with basic decisions on the electronics.

Your 3D printer does need some controller electronics 'the heart'. This electronic board will contain a piece of software called firmware. This firmware controls the printer, for example it will translate commands issued to the printer to actual movements. We have four different electronics boards available currently: Minitronics, Megatronics, Ultratronics and RAMPS. The first three boards are designed and developed by ReprapWorld. RAMPS on the other hand is designed by the community and is widely used. Although a great product for it's time, we consider RAMPS not fit for new 3D printers and recommend one of our alternative boards. The different electronics each have their own pro and cons. You can read more on their functionality on the electronics comparison page.

Other electronics your 3D printer needs in this section include: endstops, power supplies, stepper drivers. See each subcategory for more information.

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