Roterende Magnetische Filament Monitor
v1.7b zonder behuizing

Verbindt met uw Duet 2 of 3 moederbord om een groot aantal potentiële rampen te detecteren
  • Detects filament jam, filament run-out
  • Pre-assembled module
  • Works with 1.75mm filament
  • Original Duet3D filament sensor
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The Duet3D Rotating Magnet Filament Monitor very accurately senses filament movement in your 3D printer. Connect it to a Duet 2 or Duet 3 and the controller will use the indicated movement to determine a wide range of extrusion issues and take appropriate action. The module is pre-assembled for your convenience and can be connected using 2/4mm bowden tube (not included) to your extruder.

The sensor can detect multiple issues, including:

  • Filament run out
  • Extruder skipping steps
  • Nozzle starting to jam (causing skipped steps or grinding)
  • Filament beginning to grind in the extruder

It does this so accurately because it is effectively an extruder in reverse. The filament movement rotates a custom machined hobbed magnet assembly; the magnet rotation is  sensed and constantly reported to the Duet.This method has proven extremely accurate across a wide range of filaments – frequently capable of pausing the print before a filament jam or other issue has already caused the print to fail.

Note: Due to supply problems at Duet, the current version is without housing and therefor sold at a reduced price. See the wiki for the printable files to print the housing yourself.



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€ 51,96  incl BTW Op voorraad
van € 64,95
Zelfde werkdag verzonden!

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