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Welcome to the place where you can find everything to do with 3D printer extrusion. We offer a series of crucial parts by great 3D brands for your extruder’s hot end, cold end, and every part you need for the extruder. Inspect our impressive range of nozzles and supporting equipment for high-quality extrusion.  


ReprapWorld is trotse wederverkoper van makers van toonaangevende, hoogwaardige extrudercomponenten, die de best mogelijke 3D-printresultaten garanderen. Of u nu betrouwbaardere nozzles nodig heeft of complete extruderassemblages, wij hebben het. Bekijk de verschillende merken voor meer informatie.

Hot Ends

Need spare parts for your 3D printer's hot end? Or do you want an upgrade to be able to print faster or different materials? No problem! We offer replacement parts as well as industry standard Hot Ends by different brands.

Cold Ends

Het belangrijkste aspect voor prestaties in uw 3D-printer is de cold end. Het drijft het filament aan en oefent kracht uit, zodat het plastic op een 3D-print wordt geëxtrudeerd. Consistentie en betrouwbaarheid zijn hier sleutelwoorden voor het maken van de beste 3D-printen. Er zijn verschillende oplossingen om filament aan te drijven, van eenvoudige directe aandrijfsystemen tot een bowdensysteem met tandwieloverbrenging. Wat u ook kiest, wij hebben de beste componenten om uw extruder te bouwen evenals voorgeassembleerde extruders.


Welcome to RepRapWorld’s large assortment of nozzles for your 3D printer. This collection is devoted to providing the best nozzle for every printer brand. Find nozzles in different diameter sizes and uncover nozzles of different materials to print every filament material!

Extruder parts

View RepRapWorlds collection of extruder parts and components. Find all the parts you need to assemble your extruder and discover the perfect nozzle for your 3D prints. Explore all the essential pieces of an extruder and the different supporting components for the best printing experience.

All about 3D printer extruder mechanics 

Extruders are key to successful 3D printing. Their responsibility is to draw filament materials in, melt them and drive them out onto the build platform layer by layer. A 3D printer’s extruder is a larger component made up of a series of smaller parts that all work together to perform the extrusion as precisely and as gradually as possible. An extruder is typically split up into two sections; the cold end and the hot end. This refers to the parts that are behind pushing the filament towards the hot end and the part where the filament melts into liquid form. A good extruder setup allows for high-quality 3D prints. The extruder is instructed by the firmware in the 3D printer’s controller board. There are two extrusion systems that FDM/FFF 3D printers use, known as the Bowden system and the direct drive system. This is determined by the placement of your extruder.

Bowden vs. direct-drive extruder


  • Most popular extrusion system
  • Minimal weight on the print head
  • Generally extrudes faster due to less weight
  • Requires PTFE tubing for the filament to travel
  • The extruder is located on the 3D printer’s frame


  • Extra weight on the print head
  • The extruder is attached to the hot end
  • Ideal for printing flexible filament materials
  • The filament is not required to travel far and therefore there is less oozing and stringing

Now, what would it be like to have more than one extruder?

Dual 3D printer extrusion

There are 3D printers on the market being manufactured with more than one extruder. Additional extruders bring more creativity and printing opportunities. With dual extruder 3D printers, you can print elaborate 3D parts in a range of different colors and materials. It is also possible to merge colors in a 3D model or merge two different filament materials. Furthermore, if one spool of filament is running low, the extruder will switch to the other material to avoid a failed print. 

Loading your extruder with an additional support filament will enable you to create objects that have more complex overhangs and bridging. This takes prototyping and testing to a new level of sophistication. Separating colors and support structures will benefit design processes and also play an important educational role, for example, a detailed 3D print of the heart’s anatomy for learning purposes.

It is essential to always clean your nozzle before using the same nozzle to extrude different materials or colors. A wipe tower is ideal to purge filament materials stuck in the nozzle, unless you are working with two extruders that have their separate nozzles. 

Are you enjoying reading about 3D printer extruders? Reach out to us and let us know if you have any questions!

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