Duet 3 Gereedschapsverdeelbord

Power up to four Duet 3 toolboards, greatly simplifying the wiring
  • Originele Duet 3 toevoeging
  • Ondersteunt vier tool boards
  • Individuele stroomconnectors
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This board allows for the connection of up to 4 Duet 3 Toolboards to the Duet 3 Mainboard at one time, greatly simplifying the CAN-FD bus and power wiring.

Main feature set:

  • 2- way barrier strip for power in
  • Four 2-way JST VH connectors for power out to tool boards, individually fused 5A
  • Two RJ11 connectors for CAN bus in/out to connect to Duet 3 main board and expansion boards
  • Four 4-pin JST ZH connectors to connect CAN bus to four Tool Boards
  • Four pairs of 2-pin headers for fitting with jumpers to bypass unused tool board CAN connectors
  • CAN bus termination 2-pin header, for fitting with a jumper if the CAN_OUT RJ11 port is not used

The Tool Distribution Board is supplied with a connector pack containing the following:

  • 4x  JST ZH  4-way tails 150mm with fitted plug (CAN to tool boards)
  • 4x 2-way JST VH housing & crimps (Power to tool boards)
  • 2x Fork connectors (Power in)
  • 9x loose 2-pin jumpers, for fitting to the CAN bypass 2-pin headers and CAN bus termination 2-pin header as required
  • 4x M3 nylon washers for mounting holes

A loose 500mm RJ11 cable is also supplied for connecting the CAN_IN port to the Main Board, Expansion Board, or other tool distribution board.



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